Night's of Pinball & HPC 2013 'Jubilee

2013 marks the tenth anniversary of Night’s of Pinball. In order to celebrate the past ten years a special VIP event (including a Classic championship) is scheduled for the 0-day - in addition to the already well-known Night’s of PInball & HPC. The location of the VIP events is also special: Pbal Gallery (to be opened soon) is to be one of Europe’s biggest Pinball Museums.
We would like to ask all potential participants to read the points below carefully for the Association has no capacity to reply e-mail questions that are already detailed here.
1.) Date:
 October 25th, 2013. 17.00 – October 26th 03.00 [VIP party, Pbal Gallery]

 October 26th 2013. 10.00 – October 27th 10.00 [X. Night’s of Pinball & HPC 2013]

2.) Location:
VIP party & Classic championship:
Pbal Gallery: 1137 Budapest, Radnóti Miklós Street 18.

Night’s of Pinball & HPC 2013:
Gold Center Billiards saloon: 1117 Budapest Budafoki Street 111-113.

3.) To the attention of Press:
We kindly ask representatives of the Press to notify us at of their intention to participate! In respect of background materials, wristbands, special requests please refer to Lugosi András (+36/20/566-1515,
4.) VIP party (Pbal Gallery)

Registration has been closed!

It has always been an objective of the First Hungarian Flipper Club Association to promote new initiatives. In our opinion, Pálfi Balázs’s "Pbal Gallery" flipper museum may evolve into a meeting-point not exclusively for Hungarian but for European pinball fans as well. The Museum is not fully completed as yet, but we would like to show it to foreign pinball -enthusiasts visiting Hungary as well as to those Hungarian players who haven’t had the chance to see it.
More than 100 flippers, shooting galleries, as well as the classic arcade games from as early as the 1930s…
The entrance fee for the party is 7.000 HUF which includes unlimited food and drink consumption and automatically entitles to entering the classic championship.
Registration for the VIP party is mandatory!

All registrations will be confirmed. Please, take into consideration the fact that due to the capacity-limitations of the place the maximum number of attendees is 112 persons.
Registration may only be done in e-mail.
The following details must be sent in the e-mail:
Name of attendee: Peter Competitor
Nationality: HUN, GER, POL etc
E-mail address:

5.) Ticket prices for Night’s of Pinball 2013:
50-60 pinball are expected to be on display at the 10th anniversary Flipper Night. As in the past, tickets may only be bought on site this year too; at the price of 3.500 HUF (of which 500 HUF value may be consumed in food/drinks). The ticket entitles you to play on all pinball’s on display (with the exception of those in use at the championship).
There is NO pre-registration for the Night’s of Pinball it is only necessary for the HPC 2013 championship and for the VIP party!
6.) Ticket prices, registration for the HPC 2013 [Hungarian Pinball Championship]
Registration has been closed! 

Players should be on the spot on Saturday from 9:30 to 10:20. The waiting list opens at 10:30! Delays could not be taken into consideration! No exceptions!
Along with Night’s of Pinball, the Hungarian Pinball Championship will be organized for the fifth year in 2013. The championship is internationally recognized and thus world ranking points may be won. The maximum number of players at the championship is 80. HPC 2013 price is 3.500 HUF (with the entree ticket to the Night's of PInball 7.000 all together) Should the 80-list be full, we open a stand-by list.
HPC 2013 Registration:
Registration may only be done in e-mail.
IMPORTANT! We kindly ask you to register on your own behalf/in your own name, and with your own e-mail address. We do not accept multiple registrations from the same person.
The following details must be sent in the e-mail:
Name of attendee: Peter Competitor
Nationality: HUN, GER, POL etc.
E-mail address:
High Score Name: FLP

After the successful registration the High Score Name will appear on the main page (we do our best to keep it up-to-date).
7.) Payment methods
Tickets for the Night’s of Pinball, VIP party,  and the HPC 2013 may exclusively be bought on site.



* If you participate in the Championship, you must buy the ticket for the Night's of Pinball as well.
* Note! The First Hungarian Flipper Club Association reserves all and any rights to change the organization of HPC 2013 and 10th Night’s of Pinball! No food or drink may be taken into the location of the events – the place serves warm and cold meals, has a buffet and a pizzeria as well!!!