Night's of Pinball & HPC 2011

1) Date: 15.10.2011 10:00 am -  16.10.2011 10:00 am [Non-Stop]
In 2011 we will organise the biggest non-stop Hungarian Pinball Party for the eight time. Encourage by the last year success at the same place in the Gold Center Pool center. We are really proud of  the feedbacks of our party and competition. Please do not forget to register to our competition! Hungarian Pinball Championship III. 
2) Location:  Gold Center Pool center, 1117 Budapest Budafoki srt. 111-113.

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3) Hotel recommendation:

The brand-new Vivaldi Apartments in Budapest are located close to the city centre and the Danube river in a nicely renovated district and offer you cosy and quiet accommodation. All apartments are equipped with new, modern furniture and feature fully-equipped kitchens.  Internet via TV is available in all apartments free of charge. Within a few minutes you can reach the most important sights, numerous restaurants and cosy bars.

Charges: 35 EUR / 1 person 49 EUR / 2 person

Attention! The internet booking is not available, because our club member has booked all the rooms. Please contact him in order to make the booking!


4) Registration Night's of Pinball 2011 [Pinball Party]

Attention! Pre-registration is closed from the 13. of October at 23.59. Tickets are availbale on the location without pre-registration too!

- Pre-registration 3000 HUF (at the location 3500 HUF)
- Pre-registration please send it on:
Please field the form, one person in one time please! Listen for your data carefully.
High score name:

5) Competition registration HPC 2011 [Hungarian Pinball Championship]

In this year we organise the third Hungarian Pinball Championship. The competition is recognised internatonaly so you could collect points to the WPPR championship too. Please note if you are taking part on the competition you must pay for the party too (all together not more than 5000 HUF / 20 EUR).

At the competition the competitor’s headcount are limited by 80 people.  After the 80 people we couldn’t register anybody, but we will be able to start a waiting list for them. At the Location the registration cost is 2000 HUF if we have spare places. The registration fee for the tournament is 1500 HUF (on the internet). Caution! Please register just under your name! One person is one registration maximum!

Please field the form, one person in one time please! Listen for your data carefully.
High score name:

7) Competition registration HPC 2011 [Hungarian Pinball Championship] Payment methods

A) Entrance fee for both Night’s of Pinball and Hungarian Pinball Championship 2011 can be paid on the spot.  However we kindly ask you to arrive before 10.00 a.m. on Saturday, for racers who arrive late we cannot guarantee the involvement.

B) In 2011, Paypal payment option is introduced for HPC 2011 participants. Those who choose this option will be marked with letter ‘P’ on the registration list. Attention, the list will be available in this menu under point 8 and will be updated in every 48-72 hours. Racers who pay via Paypal should arrive before 10.30 on Saturday in order to have enough time for registration to HPC2011. Please send the money to, the total amount is HUF 4,800 = HUF 4,500 (entrance fee for both Night’s of Pinball and Hungarian Pinball Championship 2011)  + HUF 300 (transaction fee). Please type to ‘Comment’ box your full name and your High Score ID.   

8.) Hungarian Pinball Championship  III.  - Registered Participant
 [updated 2011. October 12. 07:56]
Lugosi András LIT HUN
Polgár Éva POL HUN
Pataky Gergő IZS HUN
Király Csilla CSI HUN
Horn László ALQ HUN
Horn Gábor HGL HUN
Zsifkovits Zoltán ZSZ HUN
Zsifkovits László ZSL HUN
Szamosi Péter SZP HUN
Asztalos Attila EFC HUN
Fekécs Gábor FGC HUN
Szalai Krisztián SZK HUN
Solymosi Gábor S.G HUN
Kishentes K&H HUN
György János Csaba SAL HUN
Takács Balázs TAK HUN
Varga Sándor KLM HUN
Christian Holmsten INK SWE   P
Tommy Andersson JT SWE   P
Emelie Olsson MLI SWE   P
Christer Carlsson CC SWE   P
Jan Anders Nilsson JAN SWE   P
Anne-Sofie Carlsson  ASC SWE   P
Pontus Qvarfordh PQ SWE   P
Varga Péter VPS HUN
Tobias Löfstedt TOB SWE  P
Claes Wikner CFW SWE
Jorian Engelbrektsson JOE SWE
Tony Englund DIE SWE
 Barna Attila DOR HUN
Michel Dailly LKJ FR   P
Jarosaw Nietrzebka JAR POL
Lakatos Szabolcs SZA HUN
Jörgen Holm    IFK SWE
Kristofer Weidow KW SWE    P
Olof Gustafsson ORG SWE
Mats Runsten MCR SWE
Janek Nietrzebka JAS POL
Odler Tamás ODI HUN
Johan Genberg JG SWE
Michael Trepp MET CH  P
Czeglédy Csaba CZC HUN
Marcus hugosson MSH SWE  P
Anderkó Péter PET SK
Levente Tregova L T CH  P
Erdei Sándor SAC HUN
dr Csapó Imre CIC HUN
Simon Róbert BOB Serbia
Simon Tamás TS HUN
Markus Salo M S SWE
Sült Péter SUT HUN
Bartha Dénes BAD HUN
Szabó István CNC HUN
Horváth Flórián UFO HUN
Bózsa László NEO HUN
Edy Flammer EDY CH    P
Bernáth János JXJ HUN
Bátor Gyula GYU HUN
Boncza Péter FOX HUN
Asztalos Csaba HED HUN
Asztalos András AND HUN
Bella István CIA HUN
Pál Attila SC HUN
Kadala László YAN HUN
Christian Balac BLA SWE
Pawe? Nowak
Daniel Nowak
Furedi Sandor FSS HUN
Szabó Tamás TOM HUN
Nagy László LOL HUN
Pálfi Eszter FCK HUN
Kigyósi Zsolt ZEN HUN
Jowita Szymaniak JOW POL
Imre Laszlo LAC HUN
Kovács György GYS HUN
Stasiek Nietrzebka STA POL

9.) Hungarian Pinball Championship  III.  - Waiting list 

[updated 2011.October 11. 22:35]

1.Therese Lundgren TEZ SWE
2.Szabó Zsolt FLP HUN
3.Beregszászi Zsolt BZS HUN
4.Jacek Wenda ZAK POL
5.Récsei Patrik PAT HUN
6.Ifj. Récsei Olivér OLB HUN
7.Papp Tamás TAM HUN
8.Varga Gyula VGY HUN
9.Daniel Kaczmarek D.K POL
10.Kürti Péter POP HUN
11.Frech Antal THC HUN
12.Oszvald Ignác IGI HUN
13.Fábri Zoltán RYU HUN
14.Kapuvári Péter KAP HUN
15Ernö Rotter RE DE


Attention! In case registered player will cancel or will not arrive in time, people on the waiting list will be able to participate in the championship (registration order is set the sequence).  Based on the experience of previous years 10 to 20 people on the waiting list have real chance to take part in the HPC 2011. It is worth to check the waiting list regularly, even on the event day there is quite good chance to participate!